Building a future

About Company

The PRAUD investment company was founded in 2014, but has deep European roots. PRAUD investment is based on the foreign capital of a Polish construction company. Having absorbed the best European traditions, using our foreign partners’ expertise in construction, and focusing on today’s client’s needs, we create projects that meet safety, quality and comfort standards. The PRAUD investment team is young, ambitious, and it aims to become one of the best investment and development companies in Ukraine, so it works hard for its good reputation.

Our advantages

  • Foreign capital
    your reliable business partner
  • Location
    we choose the best location for each building
  • Outlook
    architectural solutions fit the local surroundings
  • Comfortable housing
    we follow modern world trends in the apartments and houses planning
  • Building materials
    we use reliable and environmentally friendly materials
  • Optimal price
    we offer flexible conditions of home buying

Company History

The history of PRAUD investment began in Warsaw several years ago, when an owner of a construction business decided to expand the area of activity and began to invest in the development of the promising and beautiful city of Lviv.

In 2014, the construction of the two residential complexes – Kvartal PRAUD and Veselka PRAUD  began in Lviv. In just two years the large town of PRAUD Hills has been built in the suburbs of Lviv. Investing in the development, our company shows no sign of slowing down and prepares for the construction of two new luxury houses in the downtown of Lviv.


Our partners

Our partners render us assistance in implementing of our exalted and ambitious projects. Having incorporated the finest European traditions and using their experience, we create the best accommodations for you.

вулиця Сидора Голубовича, 39, Львів, Львівська область, Україна

вулиця Залізнична, 25, Львів, Львівська область, Україна, 79000

Кільцева дорога, Львівська область, Україна

вулиця Сидора Голубовича, 34, Львів, Львівська область, Україна



37, Holubovycha str., Lviv, Ukraine, 79018
+38 032 247 00 70


37, Holubovycha str., Lviv
7, Zaliznychna str., Lviv
Belt highway from Ryasne-Ruska to Birky, Lviv region
+38 068 60 90 590
+38 050 60 90 590
+38 067 60 80 590